View of you

Simple really... 

Assuming it is a surprise for the recipient, first we will have a meeting with the client to get a sense of the life-story we are about to tell and what materials we have to use.

We use old photographs, film and video of that person. We interview on camera friends, relatives and work colleagues. Then we edit this material together into one single documentary. We send rough edits to the client to ensure we have the correct imagery to match the narrative.

Each film takes between 10 and 20 days to produce depending on how many photographs and videos there are to use, how many interviewees there are to film, their availability and where they are based etc.

We provide the finished programme as a DVD and as an MPEG4 file. We also give all the transferred video and film and digitised photographs to the client on a disc or memory stick.

Costs start at £500 + VAT and travel expenses.